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Sale Details

Inspection Date

Online Photos only

Business Locations

3 Locations in Sydney

Auction Dates

Bidding Commences: Wednesday 11th October 10:00am AEST

Bidding Concludes: Monday 16th October 4:00pm – 5:00pm AEST

Auction Location



Hymans is holding an online only auction on behalf of dVT Group in the matter of Pantree Group Pty Ltd t/a Seta Restaurant (In Liquidation) to clear all the assets formerly of Seta Restaurant (In Liquidation). The assets are located in 3 Sydney locations with a wide range of Italian wines, spirits, 2 year old commercial kitchen appliances and equipment that will be available. All items are from the Seta Restaurant. The fit-out for this restaurant was in excess of $2m and is only 2 years old. 

See for interior fit-out photos and information on the restaurant. 

The auction will be conducted online only via the Hymans Simulcast website, beginning on Wednesday 11th October and ending on Monday 16th October.

On offer are:

  • 2021 Marrone Monoblock – over $400K New 
  • Late Model Wine Chillers – over $200K New! 
  • Marble Bars & Fitout  
  • Over $50K of Imported Wine & Spirits  
  • European Glassware, Crockery, Cutlery, etc. for 140 settings
  • Imported Dining & Entrance Tables, Italian Leather Upholstered Chairs 
  • Italian Leather Lounges  
  • Italian Leather Chairs 
  • Large Cake/Dessert Display Unit 
  • Waiter Stations 
  • Commercial Refrigerators  
  • Heating Cabinet  
  • Imported Wine, Spirit, Cocktail and Water Glasses 
  • And Much, Much More!!

Kitchen Equipment  

  • 2021 Marrone Monoblock worth over $400K New!  
  • Preparation Benches  
  • Dining Table  
  • Entrance Table 
  • Cake Display Unit  
  • Waiter Station  
  • Refrigerators 
  • Wine Chillers 
  • Passthrough Dishwasher   

Kitchen Appliances   

  • Wine Glasses 
  • Stick Mixer  
  • Crockery 
  • Pots & Pans
  • Fry Pans  
  • Utensils  
  • And Much, Much More… 

Please note the Hymans Website & Simulcast reflects Australian Eastern Standard Time.

Auction Details

Auction Dates:
Bidding Commences: Wednesday 11th October, 10:00am AEST

Bidding Concludes: Monday 16th October, 4pm-5pm AEST

Hymans Contact


Chris Capraro – Project Manager
0405 401 430

Ian Hyman – CEO
0416 151 597

Further Info

Under Instruction From:
dVT Group

In The Matter Of:
Pantree Group Pty Ltd (Admin Appt) t/as Seta Restaurant

Chris Capraro 0405 401 430