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Auction Details

Inspection Date

Mon – Fri: 8:00am – 5:00pm

Asset Location

110 Lamington Avenue, Eagle Farm, QLD, 4009

Auction Date

Thursday 28th July 10:00am – Tuesday 2nd August 1:00pm AEST

Auction Location 



Hymans is selling a Solar Networks Mobile Solar Container under instructions from Scott D. Taylor of Taylor David Lawyers.

This unit is containerised and portable and is able to be set up and dismantled quickly and efficiently in a wide range of environments which allows for rapid provision of electricity to any site. This unit also includes in built batteries for uninterrupted solar power throughout the night.

The unit is as new has only been used for demonstration purposes since it was imported in 2019.

The auction will be conducted online only in conjunction with our auction partner, Manheim Auctions.

Please scroll down to see photos of the asset.


  • Make: Solar Networks
  • Model: MSC22
  • Serial Number: 1/2018
  • DoM: 2018
  • Rated Output Voltage 1: 230VAC
  • Rated Current 1: 50A
  • Maximum Output Power 18Kw
  • Rated Output Voltage 3: 400 VAC
  • Rated Current 3: 50A
  • Maximum Output Power 3: 24Kw
  • Wind Rating: Rated up to 150kh/hr
  • Rated Power Frequency: 50Hz, Comprising: 2 Longi Model LR6-60PE-310M
  • Solar Panel Array, 2 x (9 x 4) Configuration – 72 Panel
  • Mounted on Folding & Retractable Panel Frames
  • 1 x Solar Networks Modified 20′ Shipping Container with Internal Insulated Sandwich Panel Walls, In Floor Battery and Storage Compartments
  • 3 x Victron Energy, Model Quattro 48V/10,000VA/140Amp, Inverter Chargers
  • 6 x Victron Energy, Model Smart Solar MPPT250-170-TR, Charge Controllers with DC Switchgear
  • Gazex Model MD-2 Hydrogen Detection System with Sensors Throughout Battery Compartment, External Hydrogen Alarm
  • Steel Cased AC & DC Switchboards and Associated Switchgear
  • 16 x Victron Energy 230AH Lead Acid Deep Cycle Storage Batteries (4 x 4 String)
  • Wall Mounted Air Conditioner, Extraction Systems (To Battery Compartment & Control Room)
  • SCADA System
  • Mass: 13,000kg

Please note the Hymans Website & Simulcast reflects Australian Eastern Standard Time.

Inspection Details

Inspection Date:
Mon – Fri: 8:00am – 5:00pm

Asset Location:
110 Lamington Avenue,
Eagle Farm, QLD, 4009

Auction Details

Auction Date:

Thursday 28th July 10:00am – Tuesday 2nd August 1:00pm AEST

Auction Location:

Hymans Contact

Angus McLennan
Auction Manager
02 8270 4473
0405 342 340

Further Info

Under Instruction From:
Taylor David Lawyers

Angus McLennan 0405 342 340

Sale Listing

Solar Republik Mobile Solar Container