Expert Online Auctions Or Traditional Auction Delivery

On-line auctions and traditional auction techniques are paramount in any asset disposal sales strategy. The Hymans sales and asset disposal team will often combine multiple asset disposal methodologies in order to achieve the highest gross proceeds for their customers. Commonly used asset disposal techniques include:

  • On-site Auctions
  • On-line Auctions
  • Managed In-rooms Auctions
  • Private Sales
  • Tenders

Hymans will implement the right sales and marketing needed to achieve the best price for your assets by combining a range of advertising and promotional techniques designed to build awareness, generate interest and foster a sense of immediacy into your pending asset disposal program.

Specialists in National Projects

Whether you’re disposing assets in a single city-based location, remote country area, or spread across multiple sites throughout the entire country, Hymans have the experienced and professional team on the ground that can effectively manage your specific auction requirement. Hymans is specialists in national projects for national based corporations.

Hymans Asset Management lists, audits, assesses, values and disposes of tens of thousands of individual assets each year. With almost thirty years of successful auction experience (and some 10,000 auctions), Hymans will deliver the auction capability and highly experienced team of professionals to manage your requirement, no matter what your list of assets, geographical location(s), individual requirement or unique situation.

Contact Hymans asset disposal, auction and sales team today to discuss how a Hymans managed and conducted auction will deliver a high-value benefit you.

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